Mandel Akselrod, P.C., and its predecessor law firm, has been providing legal and related services to clients from around the world since 1997. Utilizing our attorneys’ unique in-depth expertise and extensive experience in various areas of law, we have offered services to in-need individuals and globe-spanning corporations alike. Our practice is focused on commercial transactions, international law, real property, commercial litigation in Federal and state courts, matrimonial law and general business law. We take pride in combining our legal skills with devotion to the client’s interests.

Over the twenty years of its existence, the predecessor law firm of Mandel Akselrod, P.C. has represented clients in in a number of multijurisdictional, multifaceted litigation matters involving numerous, diverse industries. The range of matters that the firm was involved in span from Federal bankruptcies’ of international giants such as Nortel Networks, to comparatively simple partnership disputes between local business owners. The main litigation focus of the firm, however, has always been on high-end, complex commercial litigation.


Below are some of the matters, in which Mandel Akselrod, P.C. has been involved in in the recent years.

- Representation of a major international airline in a Federal employee discrimination matter against five former employees alleging wrongful termination based on race and age. This lawsuit received some interest from the press. After substantial discovery, the case was resolved by a successful motion for summary judgment filed by our firm, which convinced the presiding judge that the plaintiffs did not have a prima facie case.

- Representation of an advertising agency in connection with a breach of contract and fiduciary duties by a former senior employee who violated the restrictive covenants of an employment contract. The case is currently pending, but the presiding judge already sided with our client by partially granting this firm’s summary judgment motion on the basis that the employee violated duties of loyalty and breached the employment agreement.

- Representation of a software development company in connection with its apparel life-cycle software against a foreign sub-contractor for breach of contract. The outcome was a settlement that resolved all issues.

- Representation of an internet retail company and its executives and shareholders against a former business partner in a complex intellectual property case in Federal Court. This case also received press attention. The matter, being particularly acrimonious, resulted in a settlement, reached after several years of discovery and numerous motions, including one motion, as a result of which this firm obtained sanctions against the defendants for misconduct during litigation. The settlement secured intellectual property rights for our clients and allowed them to continue to operate their highly lucrative business.

- Representation of an individual in a complex life insurance matter, in which this firm filed a Federal lawsuit against Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and BNY Mellon Bank, among others. The result was a heated litigation which culminated in a highly favorable settlement for our client.

- Representation of an international company specializing in providing on-demand newspapers in airplanes, hotels, etc., against a former business affiliate that misappropriated the client’s proprietary technology. The result was an arbitration that ended with our client receiving a significant damage award.

- Representation of investors in a cryptocurrency project against the founder and CEO of a holding and mining company. The result was a judgment against both the company and the CEO on the basis of fraud. 

- Representation of an individual in multiple lawsuits arising out of tenancy-in-common of certain commercial real estate and shareholder dispute. The result was a number of judgments in our client's favor and a partial recovery of attorneys fees.