Matrimonial law is the most delicate of legal disciplines because it deals with emotions more than any other area of the law. Most divorce proceedings are not just divorce proceedings – instead they are just a façade for a storied history of love, fidelity, promises and hope. All of these factors create intense emotions. A good matrimonial attorney has to approach each case with empathy and understanding of the intricate inner-workings of these factors. Our firm will treat your matrimonial matter not only as a legal proceeding, but as it really is: a powerful and unfortunate emotional event in your life, in which the legal aspect is but one component. We can help with the following issues:

– Equitable Distribution of Property
– Child Support
– Visitation and Custody
– Settlement Agreements
– Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
– Various Ancillary Issues
– Grounds for Divorce
– Jurisdictional Issues